Livewriters is another of our projects that focuses on video for authors and books.Livewriters website There are now almost 100 million households in the US with broadband.  Millions of people are watching video on computers and other devices.  LiveWriters is the only website devoted exclusively to video of, by and about writers and books.  We feature video of all kinds, from contemporary author readings and interviews to archival footage.

We are home to a growing selection of book trailers promoting new and recent titles, and we are very proud to feature unpublished writers, who can post videos to promote new work to readers or even find themselves a publisher or agent.

We webcast live and edited author events from bookstores, libraries and universities.  We also can create original author interviews and commissioned video collaborations between writers and film-makers.  We are working with technology providers to make webcasting easy and interactive for viewers.  And we always promote book sales with live links to online retailers as well as independent bookstores.

Our lively and creative blog, LiveWires, is edited by Emily Kischell.  Through LiveWires, we are linked to many other websites devoted to books.  We are growing to become a destination site for anyone interested in words, on the page or off.  LiveWriters and LiveWires together create a unique community of authors, books and readers.

We invite publishers, authors and companies interested in growing audiences online for books through new media to work with us.



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