Selling books has never been easy.  But today competition for readers comes from all corners.  Traditional marketing still works for some books but increasingly, publishers and content owners must reconceptualize their businesses to find audiences in very different ways.  Highly focused integrated marketing programs driven by online tools and new media enable publishers to reach new audiences and build long term relationships with lifetime value.  Publishers have the opportunity now to know their audiences in ways never before possible.  Content remains the focal point upon which the enterprise is built, but by creating communities from their readers, and working closely with them, publishers and authors will be able to harvest long term values.

Booktrix is uniquely capable of providing the concepts and tools to help enable you to achieve this promise.  Successful Creative Marketing combines product knowledge, commitment to customers fulfillment and a willingness to take on the difficult work of connecting content to consumers.  Contact us now to discuss your current and future marketing needs.

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