Sales and Distribution

We can help you improve your internal processes, analyze your opportunities, increase efficiency and profits, take on problem solving, or when needed, we can manage any element of sales, distribution and trade oriented marketing.

There are many circumstances where you may find an outside resource to be useful.  If you are currently handling your own sales and distribution, it is always important to measure your costs and benefits against outsourcing. Or you may wish to explore new distribution channels in which you have no direct experience and do not know the players.

If you are already working with a distributor, you should periodically check your distribution deal against the current market,  find out what other distributors are offering, and analyze your own systems of working with your markets to make sure you are getting the best deal and doing the best possible job.  Or you may feel that you are not getting the service and sales you need from your current distributor or fulfillment provider.

Whatever your situation, Booktrix can provide you consultation, information and advice tailored to your specific needs.


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