Bubblegeneration and new media thinking

Thanks to my good friend Bill Gordon, who introduced me to Bubblegeneration and the thinking of Umair Haque.  This is a blog site I can recommend to all my friends and associates, as the ideas are profound and thought provoking.  Here are a couple of quotes from a piece Umair posted in November 2005 that resonates, particularly interesting in 2008:

The media industry is changing. Radical technological, management, and business model innovation is reshaping all segments of the value chain. This is the result of nothing less than a fundamental inversion of mass media economics, as well as the strategies that dominated those economics.

This inversion offers huge benefits for incumbents and new entrants alike to derive superior returns through new and strategically powerful sources of value creation. These new sources of value are laying the groundwork for an entirely new media value chain; one which leverages micromedia to deliver personalized, post-branded attentionstreams of chunked and microchunked disposable and essential media to communities of connected yet ever more hyperpolarized consumers.

and this as well:

To get started thinking about Media 2.0, ask yourself:

To what extent are microplatforms, micromedia, and aggregators and reconstructors a substitute or a complement for production, publishing/marketing, and distribution in my value chain?

How can I use micromedia platforms strategically, to build resources and capabilities which drive a sustained competitive advantage across my products, services, or businesses?

To what extent is increased micromedia penetration likely to erode the power of publishers, distributors, and marketers in my value chain, and shift value to the edges?

This is just a sample of what Umair has to say - you can easily spend alot of time on his site and more worthwhile hours pondering some of his ideas.  It’s always enjoyable to find someone really smart talking about really interesting ideas.

About Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab: Bubblegeneration’s Principal is Umair Haque. Umair studied neuroscience at McGill, did an MBA and econ/strategy research with Gary Hamel at London Business School in 2003, and began working towards a PhD in strategy and innovation at Oxford in 2004. Umair has spent time working in finance/economics, at a KP startup, and as a strategy consultant. Recently, he put his postgraduate work on hold to pursue Bubblegen full time.

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