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Writerscast features interviews, readings and discussions with writers on a wide variety of topics. I am particularly interested in the writing process, the struggles that writers and publishers undergo in bringing their work to audiences, and in giving authors the opportunity to talk about their work. I tend to focus on new and recently published books in all forms, print, audio and e-books alike, but anytime I find a book that interests me, old or new, I will try to talk with the author about the book to try to get further into the concepts and ideas within it. And as with all my work, I am very interested in exploring new ways to for writers and readers to meet - those intersections that will help redefine the publishing process in the 21st century.

I started Writerscast in 2009, working on the website and learning how to podcast with the invaluable aid of Rob Simon and his terrific folks at Burst Marketing.  As of late 2009, I’ve managed to interview some really terrific writers, including most recently Jayne Anne Phillips, Ivy Pochoda, Caroline Leavitt, William Gladstone, Alice Eve Cohen, Geraldine Brooks, Gus Speth, Martin Melaver, and many others.   Later this year I will be introducing author readings to the Writerscast site to further extend the writerly conversation here.

And shortly, there will be a new channel on the site called Publishing Talks to cover new developments in the book business with leading thinkers in every part of the publishing process.  We are coming into a time where changes in books, reading and the intersection of readers and writers will be profound.  Talking about it publicly will add to the many interesting threads of conversations that are ongoing within the book community.  At times like this, we need to share ideas as widely as possibly and learn everything we can from each other. 

I’ve been working with a really interesting company called Evoca, whose technology makes recording and creating web based audio conversations really simple.  if you’re interested in learning how to integrate audio into your own website, Bootrix will be happy to help you learn how to take advantage of the power of voice to enhance your work.  

Please visit Writerscast, sample some of the interviews, subscribe to the feed there (or go to iTunes or any other major podcast syndicator of your choice).  Feedback and advice is as always, most welcome.

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